William is the younger brother of Jorg.

Personality Edit

He is described as being stronger of will and more determined than Jorg. Jorg stated once "He had iron in him from the start, always the more clever, the more sure, the fiercest of us, despite my two extra years. He said I should have thrown the hammer as soon as I lifted it, and should not have missed."[1]

Story line Edit


Prince of thorns Edit

William is killed by Count Renar's men along with Jorg's mother. Jorg was caught in the hook briar thorns and could not escape to help them.

Emperor of thorns Edit

William is revealed to be the Dead King in Emperor of Thorns. After he died his fierce will and determination allowed him to dominate the underworld and take control of the undead including the necromancers and lichkin.


Reference list

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