"Most men have at least one redeeming feature. Finding one for Brother Rike requires a stretch. Is 'big' a redeeming feature?"

Rike[edit | edit source]

Rike is a notably large and bloody minded member of the Brotherhood, who seems to be both primarily and exclusively motivated by gaining loot, not even being motivated by Jorg killing his brother. Rike is quite simple and when pressed the only redeeming quality for Rike that Jorg can think of is "he's big."

In the last few chapters of the series, some may presume that Rike has developed the slightest of blind loyalties towards Jorg, although it seems to also go the other way as well. Notably, Jorg persuading Rike to hunt the Lichkin along with him indicated this.

Description[edit | edit source]

"Many men do not look their part. Wisdom may wait behind a foolish smile, bravery can gaze from eyes that cry fright. Brother Rike however is that rarest of creatures, a man whose face who tells the whole story. Blunt features beneath a heavy brow, the ugly puckering of old scar tissue, small black eyes that watch the whole world with impersonal malice, dark hair, short and thick, bristling across the thickest of skulls. And had god given him a smaller frame instead of a giant's packed with unreasonable helpings of muscle, weakness instead of an ox team's stamina, still Rike would be the meanest dwarf in Christendom" -interlude between chapter 10 & 11 in King of thorns.

Rike has always been described with hyperbole, but the fact remains that his build is incredibly large and buff.

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Prince of thorns[edit | edit source]

King of thorns[edit | edit source]

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