Sir Makin Bortha is one of the Brothers under Jorg.

Background[edit | edit source]

Before becoming a member of the Brotherhood, a vicious gang of cutthroats, murderers and bandits, Sir Makin was the Captain of the Royal Guard of King Olidan of Ancrath. When Jorg ran away from home, after releasing what would later become his Road Brothers, Makin was charged by Olidan to find and return his son to him, no matter how long it took. Makin eventually found Jorg but after encountering Jorg and his Brothers decided to join the Brotherhood and protect the heir of Ancrath with his life.

After Jorg's rise to power among the Brotherhood, Makin became his personal champion as well as his closest ally, always advising and protecting the wayward prince. Over the years Makin became as ruthless and dangerous as the members of the Brotherhood, partaking in raids on villages, monasteries and cathedrals where he plundered to his heart's content. For all his crimes a noble and honourable part of him remained and he sometimes criticized Jorg's plans whenever the prince made a decision that was particularly ruthless or horrifying. Sir Makin is incredibly skilled with a sword and has the best sense of humour out of all of Jorg's 'road brothers'. He is arguably Jorg's closest friend.

In the King of Thorns we find out that Makin was married at the age of 12, an age he describes was all too early, and later lost his wife and a child in a raid, later hunting the men responsible down across the Broken Empire and personally killing them all.

In Emperor of Thorns, we learn that Makin has been made the Baron of the Ken Marshes after Jorg defeats Egan of Arrow in single combat and claims all the land conquered by Egan's brother, Orrin, including Orlanth, Normardy, Arrow, Belpan, and Conaught. He is then ordered by Jorg through Rike to become the steward until Jorg's son becomes of age to take the throne.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Makin is described as being a little short of any maiden's dream - dark curling locks, tall, darkest of eyes. However the thickness of his lips and sharpness of his nose hinders this; he has a very expressive mouth and hawkish appearance.

His armour is always polished and blade always kept keen.

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