Coddin was promoted to watch master when Jorg pushed the former one over a waterfall. He later becomes one of his most trusted advisors.


Coddin is often described as the better man. He is honest and loyal to Jorg. He seems to enjoy reading.

Appearance Edit

Coddin was growing old by the time King of Thorns was set. He was still strong however.

History Edit

Prince of Thorns Edit

Coddin is promoted to watch master by Jorg. He later follows Jorg, with the rest of the Forest Watch, to Gelleth.

King of Thorns Edit

Coddin is now one of Jorg's most trusted advisors, valued for his frank and honest council. During the Siege of The Haunt, Coddin repeatedly asks Jorg to consider offering terms for surrender. Of course, Jorg never considers it.

During the run up the mountain after the archers hit the outskirts of Orrin's army, he takes an arrow to the stomach. Jorg immediately recognizes this is a wound Coddin will not recover from, so has men carry him up the mountain and place him in a small cave. After the battle, Jorg retrieves him and places him in the infirmary in the Haunt.

Emperor of Thorns Edit

Coddin is kept alive, but still bedridden. Jorg keeps him alive for his sage counsel and advice on his father at Congression.